Rebecca Fashionable Wig Real-Me Shines in Beijing

Rebecca 2013 wigs  festival continues the theme Real-Me, through the national tour, which makes more people know Rebecca brand “fashion on the top” ‘s creative spirit, more approachable way of interactive experience at the same time, add fun and surprise to friends. Professional and fashionable festival fusion, in many different ways, bold mix avant-garde artist design concept, create a dream-like visual feast, share a unique wig art.

rebecca hair show

Use melody design inspiration to create activities in the forest field and products, with elegant white fundamental key, to create a modern European Renaissance European palace, attracts a lot of viewers to stop and take photos: with saxophone in beautiful melody, beautiful flowers, mushrooms and clever with different high imitation animal that shows the natural elements of colorful life, the elegant art of visual feast which is enough to impress every heart that is love; Model of a white skirt, wearing delicate and colorful wig, ambled to music as fairy grace, let a person become the most lasting. Rebecca exclusive stylist featured many wigs for the audience to make the perfect hairstyle. Not to make the customer feel the hair changes that brings surprises and fun, more want to wake up every love beautiful women, something hidden in the heart Real-Me.

“Every woman in the heart of being true, real, confident, not fake, it’ s different from her precious qualities. Rebecca wig promoting the expression of” Real-Me “bravely, confidently said,” Rebecca have such magic, make herself become clear in the trial and metamorphosis, release the potential charm. After Rebecca elaborate the stylist Real-Me, consumers were surprised and moved, it’ s Rebecca that gives more women in the beautiful image of the eternal power. “

Pear flower hairstyles for the square face girls

The neat bang internal buckled pear flower curly hairstyle

A head of blonde hair sye color makes this pear flower hairstyle more pretty and fashionable, and also makes the lines floating, under the thick bang lines, the little face of the girl is petite and charming, the internal buckled lines show romance.

short hairstyles curly on dhage

The halve bang pear flower hairstyle

The halve bang pear hairstyle of the girl can makes the face lines of the girl more tender and pretty and thus attract people’s attention, so it reduces people’s attention to the face feature, the inclined bang lines, thick and plump, under this hairstyle, the girls will be more sweet and charming.

The halve hat-with pear flower hairstyle

It combines the red and purple hair dye colors, the lines make a trendy fashion, the design of the middle-divided bang highlights the quality of the girls,with a pair of sunglasses on the nose, fashionable.

The halve sweet pear flower hairstyle

The shoulder-length creates the internal buckled arc, which can wrap the girl face inside, and looks very beautiful, the halve bang design highlights the noble quality, the pretty feature can be revealed very well under this hairstyle, together with a blue dress, charming.


The charm of the medium and long wigs

 The inclined bang curly hairstyle

    After the handling of the hair end, it will appear the waves-like curly hair, heap in the shoulder, beautiful and pretty, the inclined bang design can well foil the crestal eyes of the girls, together with the hair dye color, trendy and popular.

The neat bang curly hairstyle

    The neat bang can best foil the docile girl, and it is the same with the wig, this kind of wig can create arc degree at the end of the hair, and create beautiful senses, the neat bang wraps the beautiful face and decorate it very well, the decent features shown in front of us, lovely and sweet.

The charm of the medium and long wigs

The inclined bang pear flower hairstyle

    This hairstyle can create a pure and pretty girl student appearance, the internal buckled pear flower arc imbued with dark blown hair dye color, which makes this hairstyle more pretty, the inclined bang design covers a little space of the face and decorate the face feature, a big frame glasses design creates a sense of bookish feeling.

The sexy medium and long hairstyle

    The waves-like curly hair heap in the shoulder, together with the dark brown hair dye color, pretty, the inclined bang line is thick and plump, wrap the compact features of the girls inside, the red lips are obvious, which have a sexy and charming feelings.

The smooth internal buckled pear flower hairstyle

The shoulder-length medium and long hairlines appear very smooth, which can bring the sense organs decent enjoyments, the inclined bang design can better highlight the beautiful features of the girls, the arc degree at the end of the hair create a sense of beauty, the girls will be more beautiful and charming under this wig hairstyle.

Hair extension steps

Hair extension of time is about 3 hours.

1. Before the receiver.

2. The hair into V type, and then according to the design has good hair from one side began to pick a little hair by using joint. Pick up the stick before to pick up hair together.

3. To all of the hair after hair again pick up according to a little trim.

4. Pick out the hair after 2 hours and will give or have a permanent wave, hair color and nutrition care.

Hair extension steps

Hair care

After the hair in the right nursing can be keep 3 months or so, but you have to do the following:

1. Comb your hair every day with comb must be round head line width, when combing, do not force is too large, otherwise it will lead to hair loss falls.

2. Shampoo and hair conditioner must be acidic.

3. Don’t in the sunshine for a long time.

4. Blow hair when ram don’t pick up from the hair root place too close.

5. Don’t wash hair forcibly knead after catch hair root place.

Pick out hair while good-looking, but it to consumer have hurt? According to industry sources, as long as don’t long hair extension will not have what danger, after all, in the process of receiver to use glue, etc to send qualitative material. In addition, consumers are buying “hair”, try to choose luster, hair healthy hair, in order to avoid to affect the beauty and health.


How to tie your straight long hair up ?

Straight long hair is very important for a temperament  lady to show her beauty.however,it will get boring cause it never change .if you want to make an impression  with less change,you have to try the new style we recommend.

1:comb your hair then grab the head of the hair and tie the hair up to the Pairs Hilton style ,fixt he hair with the rubber band.

2:In the firm good hair bundle on dug a hole, and then put the ponytail tail plug to hair inside.

3:Through the small hole in the hair after pull taut, let it be glued to the mouth of the cave

4:With hands near the head position hair gently to pull, make a fluffy the sense of nature

5:Pull your hair should pay attention to pull upward, and the princess with the hand first place according to, avoid hair pulled bad

6:Then we put the ponytail rubber band position gently push toward it, let part of the top of head fleeciness up to      

7:The final step we slightly to the princess head do some adjust, let hair style presents the best state.Is like this, our this elegant princess head had already completed

Stocktaking of the girls’ wig hair dye hairstyle

Bright yellow long hairstyle

Make the long air surly, which looks like the waves, the inclined bang highlights the fine features of the girls, the beautiful appearances are decent, combined with the blonder hair color, make the hairstyle more pretty, and the hair seems brilliant, a beautiful hair clasp decoration add some senses of beauty to the wig.

girls’ wig hair dye

Red colored hair dye

This unique hairstyle combines the red hair dye, which can bring you an impact in vision, the contrast of the red color and the natural black hair show us a trendy fashion girl appearance, the design of the inclined bang foil the delicate features of the girls and highlight pretty fashion.

The honey sweetie hair dye hairstyle

The hairlines are very fluid, which can bring a visual banquet, and manifest strong trendy senses, the irregular hairlines in the bang foil the decent appearance, there is a hair clasp at the top of the hairstyle, which can keep the shape of the hairstyle and add beauty senses for the wig.

The bright brown hair dye hairstyle

Add some waves-like curly hair beside the pear flower internal curly hairs, which add texture to the hairstyle, the conflict of the smooth and waves, the irregular hairlines, innovative design, which makes this hairstyle very fashionable, the neat bang, together with bright brown hair dye color, which makes this hairstyle more pretty.


The knacks and taboos of the cosmetics, make your makeup skills more artful

cosmetic makeup brushes

1,First use the oil absorption paper then makeup

Use paper of oil absorption  or clean soft towel  to remove excess facial oil and dirt,then residual makeup before makeup base, finally it will be better if add a moisturizing spray . Don’t remove the dust cake and to put it on face directly.

2, Block defect product should choose products whose color is slightly deep than skin muscle

3,It is not the fact that the more white the base makeup, the better.

We hope everybody should be sure to try best to natural soft condition when you are choosing the products, otherwise the powdery bottom may look very white, after use,which will have the same effect as white membrane cover yellow table.

4, The use of the foundation makeup is contrary to that of the cleansing oil

If used more, it will affect the transparency and add the burden of cleaning, cause some more troubles to the skin. If less, it will be more natural, and the makeup-off rate is reduced a lot.

5, Oily skin and acne skin should do not use pearl powder

Don’t use bottom makeup with pearl, oilfield are probably going to be richer, and the level of pearl particles clog pores almost unmatched in the world.

6, Transparent loose powder, colored powder will not change the color of the base makeup

In essence, they have only the effect of calm makeup, matte, simple modifications.

7, Use the transparent powder after the  sunlight-preventing segregation and makeup water

It can prevent the environment pollution and cause an effect of continuous matte, and can also control oil, which is a decent choice.




The knacks and taboos of the cosmetics, make your makeup skills more artful

1, The thumb is the best tool to put daub pink

    So you girls need to change your habit to use the index finger middle finger ring finger to put the daub pink. And the thumb has a better effect than the sponge, and more convenient than the fur brush.

2, The best using method of the Loose Powder

    First use the round sponge to press one side of the face after the base makeup, then use the loose powder(It is best use the goats’ hair or squirrel fur) soak a few and put on face, then use the loose powder to sweep the whole face, wipe off the surplus loose powder.

knacks and taboos of the cosmetics

3, Use some PRE-MAKEUP before the base makeup

    If the prevent bask in segregation product has not been fully fit, or there is glossy on face, you can use a small amount of the pre-makeup before make up regulate, or more simply use make up cotton or paper towel and gently press the face, so as to adsorb redundant components.

4, Between liquid foundation and powder with no powdery cake

The powdery cake tend to be dry, and can be easily to produce powder gap, and, if really need local cover suggestion with special anti-defect product, and powdery cake has not this function. Powdery cake can be replaced by the base makeup if the demand is not so high. You can take out in daily as makeup base.



Two common methods of hair extension

1、The knot type of hair extension

Take the 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm (or 2 cm x 2 cm) partition hair, the area around the hair into two, again ready to take a certain amount of wig, taking the middle, in separate two beam hair intermediate. It had been the right that bunch of hair knitting to wig, put on the left to the right of the hair bundle made the millet hair. Then put in the above half wig and had the right of the beam’s hair grip in together, the bottom half of the wig and had left the beam law holds together, pull tight two bunch of hair. The right hand with forefinger and middle finger back pressure around among two beams. Force separate tension two beam hair, can pull the main part of the real hair, and let the hair formed after tightening.

red hair extensions

2. Two combined hair extension

First of all take 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm (or 2 cm x 2 cm) partition’s hair, ready to take a certain amount of wig finishing well, getting the middle of the position, and share with the hair root, with black leather rope knot together. Put “together in the first half of the wig over, again in middle point 0.5 cm places, garnishing with black leather rope knot fixed, and tighten. Prune the rope extra thread ends.

Use the Edible Food To Dye Hair

hair dye color

Hani contains the senior natural hair care Henna powder, Henna also called as impatiens in northern China,  and known as henna, dye nails flower, pink shirt and so on. It has a very strong traditional Chinese medicine function.

The used steps:

1. Please wash your hair before using , do not use the hair oil, hair gel, spray, etc.

2. Put the just enough Hani Henna power into the container according to the length of hair, add some warm water into it, then stir into a thick paste

3. The Hani Henna Power contain a variety of natural plant nutrients that the hair needs, it can be directly modulate with warm water to use, you also can add som accessories based on your own circumstances. (Hani plant nutrients hair oil, yogurt, lemon juice, etc. )

4. Smear the mixed Hani Henna power on your hair evenly, fully smear more powder on the white hair.

5. Use your hands to rub hair slightly, massage the scalp and root to make the Henna thick paste fully permeate into hair and root, so that nourish the hair follicle well.

6. Use a shower cap to cover your head for 2 hours (4 to 6 hours is the best).

7. Use clear-water to rinse the Hanna thick paste, then use the shampoo wash your hair thoroughly.